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Thank you for choosing to support the Boys & Girls Club of the South Coast Area with a fundraising project! Your fundraiser should be something you are passionate about that can also serve as a way to promote and encourage donations to our Club. To learn more, email

The following list shows examples of successful events. Remember, your only limitation is your imagination. You know best what you will enjoy and what your friends, family, and other connections will enjoy!

1. Wish List Drive

Collect wish list items to help keep our Club stocked every day. Contact us for current needs.

2. Collect Coins

Set up jars around your home, office, school, or church. Collect pennies, pocket change, or have classroom change wars! Small change adds up to make a big difference.

3. Jeans Day

Charge your employees or coworkers for the privilege of wearing jeans to work! Charge for the week, day, or month.

4. In Lieu Of

Hosting a party to celebrate a special event in your life? In lieu of gifts, ask guest to donate items or money to BGCSCA.

5. Dine Out For a Cause

Contact your favorite local restaurant to set up a night where part of the proceeds from all sales that night will be donated back to BGCSCA. Or, promote our standing monthly Dine Out Nights, found on our website.

6. Neighborhood Fun

Gather your neighbors and host a BBQ, car wash, bake sale, or lemonade stand. Have games that individuals can take part in.

7. Holiday Season

Coordinate with a store to offer your gift-wrapping services during the holiday season in exchange for customers donating.


Additional Fundraising Ideas

  • Potluck at work

  • House cleaning/Gardening

  • Pet sitting

  • Raffle a gift basket at work

  • Garage sale

  • Hot dog stand

  • Candy/Bake sale

  • Bingo/Bunco night

  • Hot cocoa sale

  • Craft show holiday bizarre

  • Car wash

  • Snack basket at work

  • Bowling/Kickball/Dodgeball tournament

  • Scrapbook party

  • Dog wash

  • Dog fashion show

  • Movie night


  •      Chili/Spaghetti/BBQ cook off

  • Amazing Race around the city

  • Offer up babysitting by donation

  • Day of beauty at local day spa

  • Benefit concert

  • Backyard camp out

  • Iron Chef competition

  • Concession stand during a sporting event

  • Trivia party

  • Board game tournament

  • Sell something on eBay/Poshmark/LetGo

  • Mini golf tournament

  • Sell a craft

  • Sundae party

  • Pool party

  • Family game night competition

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